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The term “YATRA” is derived from sacred Hindu language Sanskrit which means pilgrimage or journey to holy places. Such places can be anywhere which is correlated with Hindu legends like The Ramayana or The Mahabharat or more. The person who perform this journey are called Yatri.

According to Hindu mythology, it is believed that Yatri who visit such sacred places after enduring all the hardship of the journey will have their soul purified and will be able to attain “moksha” (another Sanskrit word which means a state of eternal peace) after their death. Generally, Yatra Nepal is ventured in groups so, that everyone will be able to help each other in their journey.

Yatra Nepal is one of the biggest and the long lasting sacred journey that occur frequently in Nepal. Each year thousands and thousands of Yatri visit to the sacred places in groups. As a leading Yatra operator with in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan, Shivam Group has been providing Yatra journeys to various places in Nepal as well as foreign countries.

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