5 tricks to travel by plane like a king

I have traveled so many times by plane that I can no longer count them. I have traveled badly, I have traveled well, I have lost flights, I have broken luggage, I have wanted to be overweight, but they have also given me gifts, they have sneaked me in first class, they have given me flights, multiplied miles, bonuses and things of that style that one is learning how they happen on the road.

So in my career, I have learned some tricks to help them become superviolent beings. Here are some tips to make the most of the benefits of an airline:

1. How to carry more luggage without paying overweighttravel by plane like a king

On each flight, depending on the airline, you are allowed a certain amount of packages and weight. One part is billed and goes to the warehouse and another goes with you in the cabin (hand luggage). If you exceed in the hold baggage up to about a kilo usually nothing happens, grams more grams less. Try to be precise and always weigh your luggage before leaving. The secret is in the hand luggage: This luggage is supposed to be small and light, but that almost never the weigh you. You can carry a medium backpack full of bricks and nobody will say anything. The important thing is that it does not have exaggerated dimensions and that it fits where it should. So if you think you will be overweight, carry all the heavy things you can put in your carry-on luggage and you will have more free weight to fill it in the luggage that goes in the hold. In addition to hand luggage, you can carry an extra bag, such as a camera outside, a laptop, a guitar. I have traveled many times with guitar in addition to a backpack with a laptop and camera and I have never been charged for more, and even took advantage of the case to put some extra objects.

Of course, I never travel with so much, but this works excellent in emergencies where I know I will live long periods elsewhere.

2. How to choose the best plane seattravel by plane like a king

Contrary to what many people think about security, etc., for me the best seat is the one with the most space and accessibility for the least price.

I almost always choose the seat in the back, in the tail of the plane. People usually do not sit there and if your flight does not go very full it is the empty seating area whenever it is over space. This several times allows me to use up to three seats together for extended night sleep as if it were a bed. Better than first class.

At the same time, these are the first to call to board the plane and you have to queue less.

Another benefit is that you are near the bathroom and the kitchen. On long and intercontinental flights one can walk around the kitchen and ask for additional snacks or catch them from there (yes, they are free), there is room to stretch your legs a bit. Most people do not know this because they are sitting in the middle or forward and just get up to go to the bathroom. This is better for intercontinental flights than for places where the same conditions do not always occur.

3. How to bring a free musical or sports instrument on the plane

I asked myself this question many times on different flights, called, wrote, and found out as much as possible. Theoretically, sometimes you should pay an extra or take it as special luggage in the hold. Each airline changes policy slightly. However, I discovered that they usually accept you traveling with a guitar or any instrument that is not bulky. Every day someone with an instrument passes to the cabin of the plane so they are already accustomed and the truth is that no musician does the idea of ​​sending such a delicate device to the cellar. Mothers with babies and dozens of little bags, people with wheelchairs, special packages, etc. pass by. The most important thing to be able to pass without the inconvenience is that you try not to be a hindrance to others. So when boarding the plane the first thing you should do is ask if they can keep it in the closet or wardrobe. Usually, large planes have that, or even put your instrument in first class. In the case of guitars, the annoying thing is that the handle is long and oversizes the package that is actually light. You can also take it half-hidden under the seat, in the cabin compartments if the other luggage allows it and as I mentioned initially, in the wardrobe. There is usually no need to pay overweight or extra luggage if you do it this way.

4. How and why protect your luggagetravel by plane like a king

There really is no flight where your luggage is not treated like garbage. This goes by automatic bands, falls, bounces are placed under much other luggage and the exhausted loaders no longer have the slightest delicacy of lifting your lump with love after repeating the process all day. And if woe to honor the truth in airports they also steal. It may not be airline X or airport Y, but on several occasions, I have found open backpack pockets and stolen objects from the areas that are at hand. I say it without bad faith and first hand, it has happened to me, it has happened to people I know. That’s why whenever you can wrap your luggage in plastic foil. That transparent polyethylene packing tape that secures and compacts your bulk. The place where your backpack is most damaged during the whole trip is undoubtedly the airport so it will also help you to extend the investment you made in your backpack. And finally, remember it is cheaper than you do it at home than at the airport. With what they usually charge to cover your luggage you can buy a roll of tape and do it several times on different trips.

5. How to maximize the benefits of airlines

While certain benefits may cost more than others, paying tens or hundreds of euros for twenty centimeters more foot space, or for a wider coaster does not make much sense even if you over the money. There is exaggerated marketing in many flight companies using “class, style, glamor and differentiation” as a weapon to improve their income, but this brings some advantages that you can use in your favor:

Miles.- A bonus program that all airlines have for their frequent travelers. When you collect a certain amount you can exchange them for flights. It should be subscribed. Sometimes you double your points for completing simple actions such as suggesting a friend, updating your data and things like that. Stay tuned

Subscription to offers.- Although they are sometimes saturating and go to your spam folder, they can also serve as a radar when an offer is activated to a place you were wishing to go to. Subscribing to offers and promotions is worth it when you are a traveler with a free letter to go out anytime and anywhere.

Last-minute flights.- Some airlines have a section that informs last-minute promotions or discounts for special seasons. If you are attentive to this you can also get ultra-low prices when you least expect it.