K2 Base Camp and Gondogoro La Trek

K2 Base Camp and Gondogoro La Trek

K2 Base Camp and Gondogoro La Trek is Considered of the five epic treks in the world.

Located in the far reach of Karakoram mountains this epic journey starts from Skardu the capital city of the Karakoram range.


k2 base camp trek

k2 base camp trek

k2 Base Camp Trek

The trek to the k2 base camp is exhilarating with the view of the giant peak along the trail to the k2 base camp. It will take 7 days to reach the k2 base camp from the last village of the valley, and the rest of the trek is being done in the wild Karakoram mountains away from human settlements. k2 Base Camp Trek is no doubt the best journey to explore the Karakoram range.



Braod Peak, k2 Base camp trek

Broad Peak

k2 Base camp trek

Concordia Karakoram mountain


k2 base camp trek chogori Adventure

k2 base camp trek


Concordia or K2 Base Camp is also known as the Throne Room of Mountain Gods, the Speacitcular 360-degree views of peaks around make it the best place to camp on the earth. K2 Base Camp has the highest concentration of the world’s highest peaks including 4, 8000m peaks. after k2 base camp trekkers trek back to Askoli via the same route


k2 base camp


After Concordia trekkers have another option to cross into another valley of Karakoram than returning via the same route.


k2 Gondogoro La Trek

K2 Gondogoro la trek is an extension in K2 Trekking where trekkers cross a pass (Gondogoro La Pass) into another valley of Karakoram. Gondogoro la trek is an arduous trek the Gondogoro La (5,585m) climb is the most difficult part of the Gondogoro la trek. The views are out of the world from the top of Gondogoro la the four 8,000m peaks can be seen in front including Laila peak and Chogolings. after crossing the pass it will take 3 days hike to reach Skardu city.


gondogoro la pass

gondogoro la pass


laila peak

Laila peak