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Travelblog.org is a unique and free online service that allows travelers to document their adventures. On the internet, it's one of the most popular travels related web 2.0 sites, thanks to technology it’s now easier to experience the real holiday treat albeit online.
Initially founded in 2002, the website was mainly developed to help people share their traveling experience with friends, family, and other travelers.
Getting started
Creating a travel blog is a straightforward process; you can connect via Facebook or fill out an online form that will require you choose a nickname, full name, and e-mail. Once you have inputted all the details wait for the activation e-mail and then you can begin building your travel blog and engage with other users in the online forum.
I tried their services before, and I was very impressed with the website layout full of unique and colorful designs and their user-friendly features. It provides a safe and friendly platform to chat about traveling and allow users to socialize and talk about anything  
Key features  
• Unlimited blogs- The site will enable users to create as many entries as they like, there is no limit. That's what makes the travel blog so unique from other online platforms.  
• Unlimited photos- Users can upload plenty of pictures during their travels keeping their followers up to date with their experiences
• Travel forum- Travelblog.org is a vast online travel community with thousands of users providing them with an opportunity to interact, advice each other and get tips from other travelers.
• Customization- One of the exciting features of the app is the ability to customize your page with widgets of the countries that you have visited.  
• Community awards- you can personalize your specific page with traveling achievements and awards showcasing them to the online community.
• Users can become immediate travel correspondents of the site as soon as they begin traveling.
What makes the site unique is unlike other travel sites/blog they do not bombard users with promotion, spam, pop-ups or charging them for extra benefits.  
Why is the service free?
The site is an ad-supported service; there is a co-operation between users and travel blog host who promote their stories and in return users become online influencers by posting adverts alongside with their stories







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