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Day 17 – Guangzhou Training Day

Hot hot hot, heading out to our training on the river the heat is on, today is a bamy 34 degrees and man can we feel it!

After all the problems through out the trip with the woman busses getting lost on the way or being a little late it was the mens turn with the bus not even turning up! luckily the women this time have a big bus and the men are able to jump on broad their one.

The water may not be the nicest around the the skyline view is just incredible, even from the river we can see Canton tower and many other amazing sites. Ours is the last bus to get to training and so we must wait awhile until we can train as there is a limit to how many can be out on the water at the moment, which is fine when you see the amount of traffic out there.

Training lasts for around an hour but at that point I have already had pins and needles in the face with the heat and pushing hard around, its not like you can grab the water and splash it over you to cool down. There are all already many sick people because of with either the water or something they ate, luckily for me I’m only a little tired at the end of these almost 3 weeks of touring, training and racing.

After lunch back at the hotel the officials from the tour are gathered and the team put on a show for them to show them our appreciation for the trip, the haka. It goes down a treat and brings tears to some of the interpreters as they have been with us from the start and have been amazing to us.

Shopping time, as its our last free afternoon it appears to be shopping time! and this time we are doing it right, hiring out a limo which turns out to be a van but hey all good. So we are off down to Beijing road and another for the ultimate little shopping trip were many a bargain was found and many a rip off can be seen!

To top it all off tonight I got to see the Canton tower in all its glory! A truly amazing site that lit up everything around it and the view was staggering. At the 433m platform which was not the top it was a little higher than the PEAK of the sky towers 328m. but all around the lights of the city could be seen, unlike many others which were so dark.

June 16, 2017 at 4:03 am

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