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4 Breakfast You Must Try on Agra City Tour

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Agra is famous in the world for the beautiful Taj Mahal. Being a multi-cultural community of all religions and castes, Agra is a one-stop destination for enjoying multi-cuisines and dishes with all kinds of culinary budget. If you are visiting Agra on a same day agra tour by car, then you must try some of the local dishes and delicacies at some of the best restaurants & eateries in the city. Here are some:



All the Indians are aware of the famous “Agra ka Petha”. You can come across several billboards at public places displaying a delectable range of Petha in different flavors. You can find the local sweetmeats bustling with customers coming to buy Pethas of different patterns and flavors. Petha is a delicious, translucent, syrupy sweet dish that is made from ash gourd. Ash gourd is the common white pumpkin or the squash.

In addition to the common white chunks of pethas, you can buy a diverse range of pethas in amazing flavors like chocolate, saffron, grapes and even mango flavor.



Agra is also famous for another range of delicious local snack known as the “Dalmoth”. This is a traditional north Indian namkeen (salty snack) and goes well on the platter with petha during the snack time. A typical packet of dalmoth consists of a mixture of fried lentils (dal), nuts, dried fruits, spices and some oil. Dalmoth is crispy in nature and has a spicy flavor.

The best feature of this delicious snack is that it can be customized as per your taste and preference. You can find an amazing range of dalmoth in different packet sizes that can be easily found in the local sweetmeat shops. You can enjoy a plateful of dalmoth with your tea during same day agra tour by train as the evening snack.


Bedhai & Jalebi:

There is no point visiting Agra and not trying this delicious dish for once. Agra is famous for the “Bedhai” that resembles the Indian kachori and contains some fulfilling stuffing of spices and a masala made from lentils and gram flour. The Bedhai is served with a spicy, hot curry of potato slices and green chilies. There is also a topping of sweet curd to excite the overall dish.

As this dish can be quite a spicy affair to those who dread spice, the Bedhai is served in combination with mouthwatering sweet jalebis. This is a famous Indian sweetmeat that is prepared with maida (refined wheat flour) that is deep-fried and then dipped into a sugar syrup. The perfect balance of these two delicious dishes in Agra would have your stomach as well as heart well satisfied.



Chaat is another famous snack in North India. Agra’s chaat is a bit different with the bhalla that is prepared by mashing boiled potatoes and then adding pieces of paneer, nuts, spices, dried fruits and much more. This mixture is then deep fried and then opened in the center to be filled with a layer of garnished ginger, chutney, spices and curd as well if you would like it.

In addition to this common flavor of the Chaat, the streets of Agra are filled with some other appetizing flavor options as well.

If you are heading out to a day trip to Agra, then do not miss out to try these delicious local servings on your platter.

June 14, 2017 at 6:18 am

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